Plein Air Easel from a China Online Store

Plein Air Easel Delivered & Assembled
I think I made an order for this product after seeing it on probably a month ago. I forgot all about it and left it as it is, until just a week ago I saw that it has been delivered but was awaiting my confirmation and payment for delivery. As far as I am concern, the price has dropped to about SGD80, and I think I bought it at a higher price. If you are interested to get it, here's the link:

The only worry I have for this product is how well the palette tray would sit on the tripod. To my delight it is pretty sturdy with an additional supporting behind the tray. It bounces a little but I think it should work fine. The set comes with a water container that fit nicely through the inserting hole on tray. With additional weight when the container is filled with water, the tray should be less bouncy. I would not be using the free stay-wet-palette since I already have my own. I would probably use it if I am painting acrylics.

The tripod when folded measures slightly more than a foot and when placed in the bag, does not look bulky at all. Everything will fit well in a haversack.

Best buy ever. Now I have to bring it out for an actual field test.

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