Technology is Fickle

Technology is advancing faster and faster, spinning like a top that refuses to slow down, buts kept on spinning, regardless of any opposing forces like gravity. Just 20 years ago, I was using a laptop with a  80486 Intel processor, learning how to use Photoshop 4.0 to make my wedding invitation, and now it would be hard for me to imagine how it is back then. The exponential growth of technology has served mankind well. I would think so. Right now smart devices have made our lives a lot better, especially for artists like me who love to draw digitally. I am using an iPad Pro that I bought end of 2015. Before that I was struggling with drawing on the iPad because none of the stylus that were developed could worked well. Apple Pencil has made my sketching experience a lot better and more enjoyable.

Ironically sometimes new doesn't mean good. Take for example Apple's Magic Mouse. An old one died on me suddenly. It runs wirelessly and looks sleek with its innovative design. It took me a while to get use to one when it doesn't have any buttons on it. When I got a new one to replace the bad one, I was literally "forced" to upgrade my OS, which I reluctantly did so. The system got slower after that  and made me regret everything that I have done.

When I recently tried to get back to using a 3D Modeling Programme that requires a mouse with 3 buttons to navigate through the interfaces, I had it with the Magic Mouse. So I bought an $11 Logitech mouse instead. It works well without any installation of a driver, just simply plug and play. I have yet to use it on the 3D programme, but I am quite confident it will work much better than Apple's Magic Mouse. It is like regressing on technology. New is not always good. The old is still pretty reliable.

So I changed from using a bluetooth mouse to a wired one. Cheap and reliable is what made me a happy user. But there is still stuff that new technology has made better. Take for example a bluetooth headphones. No cumbersome wire to deal with. Easy to carry around and easy to plug and play too. I had it with wires, so I bought myself a bluetooth headphones. Wonderful!!

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