Watercolor en Plein Air: Blair Road

Painting outdoors is not a joking matter. In a tropical country like Singapore, not only do we have to battle with your subject and painting struggles, we have to battle with the climate. Fortunately the month of November saw the climate cooling down due to more rain and the sky turning more cloudy, but there is still another factor we need to fight with, humidity. Humidity affects my mood when I paint outdoors. My perspiration would stay on my skin the whole time. So I learn to travel light and would only carry the necessary. The heaviest items would be my box of paints, water bottle, my easel and my chair.

Practically this is my setup. I would have a larger palette if I decide to paint on bigger paper. Most plein air artists use too small a palette and would therefore struggle with insufficient pigment to begin with. Besides, all paints on the palette should be freshly squeezed before starting to paint. This would ensure the pigments are fresh and avoiding the tendency to use more water, especially when using dried pigments on the palette.

Here's the result of my plein air experience, after a long hiatus. It rained when I arrived at the location, but we could under the 5 foot passage way sheltered from the rain. This was painted on  Fabriano Artistico water-colour pad, 300gsm, 100% cotton. Works as well as Arches, but cost lower.

Here's my painting buddy. Some residents of the shophouses have placed couches and chairs outside their apartments. We gladly took over. Always make yourself comfortable during the painting process. Enjoy rather than suffer.

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