Work in Progress Studio New Look

Instead of working join my stuff, I decided to give my work space a new look, that is rearranging everything all over again, and also giving myself a good opportunity to do some spring cleaning. There was so much dust at areas where I don't really access. Basically the work done this afternoon, proudly announcing, are as follow:

  • sketchbooks are categorised and rearranged, separating the used and the unused ones.
  • relocating a book shelf from the window so allowing more light to enter the room, well almost until I placed another tool trolley into the space I "emptied".
  • categorising books between illustration books and instructional books (this was a feat).
  • relocating my iMac from another table so kinda consolidating my digital workspace.
  • changing the orientation of a table to give more walk space. I am very happy about this.
  • relocating my scanner and printer to be nearer to where i work on my computer; I have to stretch my another body to get my printouts in the past.
  • relocating my painting easel to the new space from changing the orientation of the work table; now there is more space in the living room. 
I don't think my descriptions above make any sense, but you will see it in the picture. There is still so much to do because I have so much trash that I need to discard and clear. I am a hoarder, one personality trait that I want to change.

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