Sketching & Painting the West Coast

The West Coast of Singapore, like the East Coast was created out of reclaimed land back in the 70s. However unlike the East Coast, the West Coast remains predominantly an industrial area, and quite sparsely populated with residences. A local university can be found there too. I love the West Coast Park because it overlooks an oil refinery, a dock for ship repair, a private dock for yachts and sail boats, a port and a dingy looking jetty. Out in the sea, tug boats and fishing boats are moored so they become subjects for painting. Giant cargo ships would sometimes pass by a distant away. There are plenty to draw and paint. I came here several times now and I really love it. Besides, if I come in the morning on a weekday, the area is usually quiet and empty. Not many places in Singapore are than tranquil.

There are many park benches that are sheltered so I could actually paint in the shade. There is also a constant breeze so it is pretty comfortable, just that the paint tends to dry up too fast.

18 Nov 2015
I coud sit here all day watching the boats bobbing up and down.

On the left of the coast is an area where some small boats are moored on the beach and are being repaired. I am surprised to see such a place could even exist without the government officials checking on them.

This my plein air setup. I was painting with watercolour. A mix of different paints from different brands. So far my palette tray is still working very well  as you can see I have a fairly large palette and a water container resting on it quite sturdily. My only complain is, my Holbein painting easel is a little on the heavy side. Other than that, everything works pretty good. I even have a small plier on standby in case the caps on the paint-tubes refuse to yield.

Found a pix of the West Coast Park on the internet:

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