Power Mac G3 Blue & White Hollowed Out

I bought the Power Mac G3 in 1999 after my wedding in order to launch my new career into digital illustration. This was my first completed system, in total I spent about 4K on scanner, printer along with other things. Hugely I have to thank my dad for loaning me the money for I was broke after getting married. Of course I have already returned the loan about a year later when I got my break in freelancing. This was also the computer that saw me through my one year degree programme in Multimedia Design, that I supported myself through it by the payments I got from freelancing as an illustrator. Soon after I was working as an animation director and animator for a local web company when I graduated. Since then i have not been using this computer that often. I remembered the HD crashed on me after I was working on my animation for 3 days, 24/7. It refused to boot up just when I was completing the last bit of editing work. I decided to call it quit and went to sleep for the next couple of hours before submission. Miraculously it got going when I woke up in the morning so maybe the machine and myself just needed rest.

Since it died in 2003, I have kept the computer in the store for many years until 10 years later I decided to hollow it out, clean it and use it as a book shelf. Its useful again, and its a beautiful piece of machine. I especially like the monitor, though it is nothing compared to the current iMac 27" I am using now.

I am thinking what to do with the Desktop.

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