Collecting Cardboard as a form of exercise

I know it wasn't intentional but Tan Chuan Jin's comments on the elderlies collecting cardboard to make a living has drawn flak from many. According to a website, "many of whom have criticised him for being out-of-touch and putting a spin on the lives of the elderly aunties and uncles who pick cardboards for a living". Whatever it is, collecting cardboard is a very tough work to do, I wouldn't imagine myself doing this at all. I wouldn't even want to rummage through the garbage bins, not to mention these elderlies have to push their collected stuff long distances just to exchange them for that little amount of money. I don't think anyone would choose to do this as a past time or as a form of exercise if they could help it. Its noble of him to help them already but jumping to unnecessary conclusions simply cancel out his good deeds, already seen as a means to win voters' support.

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