Visiting Geylang...

Streets of Geylang. Nothing's orderly, clean or structured. Its like stepping into another world altogether. Its organic, crime infested and bustling with activities not welcomed in other parts of the city. However, in contrary, its home to many.

These were all done sitting on the same spot for 2 hours or more. I ordered a teh tarik that lasted me that long. I did the first one because I was fascinated by a middle aged man who stopped by to chat with some friends at the coffeeshop. The meeting lasted until I finished the sketch of the man on the bike. I continued the rest later. 

Sketching at night means everything in front of you becomes monochromatic, leaving the lit areas with colours. That gave me the opportunity to paint everything BW and adding splashes of colours to suggest light. This gives a centre of interest within the sketch.I am particularly quite satisfied with the third one in which I mixed coloured pencils and ink. The coloured pencils give a soft and formal touch to the facade of the building, whereas the inked lines just provide the movement. 

It has been fun.

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