Parallel Pens: Using and maintaining them.

I have three sizes, 1.5mm, 3.8mm and 6mm. I like how the pens are colour coded according to their nib sizes. It makes it easier to remember. The construct of the three pens are the same. You draw with the edges of the steel plates that make up the nibs. These pens are good for calligraphy but I prefer to use them for sketching and drawing. These pens when you buy them, come with some ink cartridges, but the ink is not waterproof, so it is not advisable to use with water-colour or wash unless you like the ink to bleed for certain effects.

The parts of the pen are show below. It is easy to take it apart, and putting them back again is also a breeze. Surprisingly the pen does not require very rigorous cleaning. Usually I will rinse the feed, section and nibs in water and then put them back again within a minute or 2. I am using the pens with ink converters that I got online. A local pen & ink art supplies also carry these ink converters. If not you can fill up your barrel with ink and screw it back on again. If the ink leaks, you might want to use some teflon tape to secure the screw thread. It might get a little messy with this method.

Here are some drawings I did with the parallel pen. The inked lines are sometimes unpredictable depending on the way you hold it as you draw. I like this manner of drawing because I would get some "dirty"lines that add to the textural quality of the drawing. However it is still possible to get some clean lines with the pens.

With some ink splatter, your drawing might look really dynamic and filled with movement.

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