...sketching and painting over the weekend

Painting at Club Street

Kat & I returned to Club Street to finish off a pencil drawing i did a week ago but did not get to paint. The sun was setting pretty fast but it was still quite bright to paint. I love the lighting at that moment but I wasn't quick enough to capture the nice glow of the sun in the sky, however, I did like how the light cast beautiful shadows over the awnings, the paneled windows, and the roofs of the shophouses, these I diligently painted.

These are some sketches I did over meals...
The Rotisserie @ Rochester Mall
Swenson @ Vivo City

Colored version for the above sketch.... ladies waiting for their coffee at the coffee bar.
The Rotisserie at Rochester Mall

The Urban Sketches Singapore had a sketching trip to the former Bukit Timah Station. I painted some thumbnails on Arches paper, and completed a quarter sheet. I forgot my big brushes except a small N0 4, which I used to complete these. Surprisingly it worked because Arches holds water pretty well, so the I could still work over wet paints, bit by bit to cover large areas.
Color tests and experiments

Former Bukit Timah Railway Station

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