Work in Progress for my Van Gogh munny with Shinhan Acrylics

My newest project - a Van Gogh munny. I believe someone else has done it before but I have to do one for myself since Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. I am using Shinhan acrylic paints that I received not long ago, and I am determined to test out how the paints work for me. I mixed my paints and colors on a Mijello peel-able tray palette which I am also trying how effective it is to peel away the dried paints. I am quite impressed by how easy it is to mix Shinhan acrylic paints, while the paints remain pretty opaque even when you applied thinly. The best part is when I was detailing or drawing the eyes on my Munny, I could shape my brush to a point easily even when the paint is thick, at the same time the flow of the paint remains good. I could finish drawing the eyes with one loading of the brush. As compared to System 3, Shinhan covers and flows better.

Anyway stay tune for more update on my Van Gogh munny.

[caption id="attachment_2358" align="alignnone" width="600"] Van Gogh Munny (WIP)[/caption]

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