Visiting Phuket, Thailand

8301580973_bc2d31d54a_cPhuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand. It is a very hot (as in popular) tourist spot in Asia, among the Asians as well as the Europeans. My wife and myself decided to have a short get away to Phuket over the weekends since we have not visited the place for almost more than 10 years. Not that we love crowded touristy spots anyway.

Our flight to Phuket from Singapore took only about 2 hours. Immigration was very crowded but efficient to our surprise. Taxi journey to our hotel (R-Mar Resort & Spa) was about 30-40mins depending on traffic, costing 700B (flat fee). Please confirm verbally with the driver on the fare before you board. Our hotel is located at Patong Beach, the most popular beach on Phuket - which is also the beach that was struck by Tsunami on 26 Dec 2004. If you are visiting Patong Beach I would recommend you to book the hotel that we stayed in.

We ventured out into the streets immediately after we have checked in. The hotel's porter showed us a shortcut to the beach area. We walked for about 5mins through alleys and back streets where the locals were congregating while they were getting ready for a meal. We did not stop for photos. It started to rain when we got to the beach but not heavy enough to prevent us from walking back to the main streets and took shelter in McDonalds. We bought ice-cream for ourselves and sat at the bar counter at the windows overlooking the shops from across. Right in front of us is a massage parlour. The female masseurs were touting business at the caucasian men. They would reach out for their hands and tried to persuade them, and refused to let go. It was an entertaining sight.

I sketched as we waited for the rain to simmer down.

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