Parts of a Hero Fountain Pen (#578)

So far my favoritest fountain pen is a Hero #578. I used to use Lamy and I have three of them. But I find Hero a lot more flexible and it satisfy my needs for a variety of line characters and quality when I sketch or draw. There are times when I used it as a brush, filling up darks and shadows very quickly allowing me to establish light and shade within a short time on my sketches. Now to save ink, I am using Pentel brush pens to fill in the darks, also better looking darks.

Due to overused, one of my Hero was damaged, I plucked up enough courage to remove the pen nib and feed from the section. Now here are the parts of a Hero fountain pen and their functions.

[caption id="attachment_2313" align="alignnone" width="584"] Parts of a Hero Fountain Pen[/caption]


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