Evaluating Shinhan's Artist Acrylic Paints (12 Colors Set)

[caption id="attachment_2321" align="alignnone" width="584"] Mixing colors with Shinhan's Artists' Acrylic Paints[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2324" align="alignnone" width="640"] Shinhan's Artist Acrylic 12 Colors Set[/caption]

Product Details:
- Shinhan (www.shinhanart.co.kr)
- 12 Colors Set
- Acrylic Polymer Emulsion Colors
- SH102L
- 20ml per tube


Titanium White (562)
Black (560)
Lemon Yellow (517)
Permanent Yellow Deep (515)
Yellow Ochre (551)
Carmine (503)
Vermilion (505)

Permanent Green Light (526)
Viridian Hue (530)
Phthalo Cyanine Blue (540)
Cobalt Blue Hue (538)
Burnt Sienna (553)

The tubes come in 20ml or 0.68fl.oz (fluid ounce) and is made of plastic, which makes the artists' quality paints look like students' grade paints. However the lids are well fitting and are easily unscrewed from the neck due to their reasonable diameter and height. I believe the 12 colours set is made as a test set since the tubes' volume does not allow painting at a larger scale. For testing the colours, I used the paints on acrylic papers that come in a pad. The set is small and handy and is light weight so it is ideal for travel. It will be great to get the set if you are trying out acrylic painting for the first time.

First of all, the paints from the tubes flow well and do not feel plasticky. The hues are brillant and has a wonderful transparent quality if mixed with the right amount of water. Besides the paints mix well and quickly with water without leaving undissolved lumps at any point. Good acrylic paints should be short and buttery and Shinhan's acrylic paints fulfill that quality so far. The brilliance and transparency of the hues means that we could use it like watercolour. The intensity of the colours does not diminish when thicker paints are used so the resultant effect is bright, fresh, intense colours.

The paints mix well with each other without compromising on colour intensity and freshness. Mixing Perm Yellow Deep with Carmine produces an orange that is pretty close to getting Vermilion. Mixing Lemon Yellow and Carmine produces a cool bright orange. The result of mixing Lemon Yellow and Cobalt Blue Hue is a pale, cool, and pleasant bluish green. Adding more Cobalt Blue turns the mixture to a cool tray bluish tray. Lemon Yellow and Phthalo Cyanine Blue produces a bright yellow green that is pretty close to pre-mixed Perm Green Light initially, but produces a wide spectrum of bluish greens since Phthalo Cyanine Blue is quite rich on its own. Adding Perm Yellow Deep to Viridian produces a rich yellow green that looks like Sap Green suitable for painting tropical foliage. Adding Vermilion warms it and gradually becomes a rich deep dark green and brown gray. Adding a lot more vermilion finally turns the resulting gray to Vandyke Brown and eventually to a dark Umber, which is smiler to mixing Burnt Sienna and Phthalo Cyanine Blue.

The results from this initial colour mixing test are quite satisfactory. The simple 12 colours set has lots to offer, but I wish the tubes come in larger sizes. The paints are versatile enough to mix well with water and with each other. The rich pigments mix a huge range of colours from just 10 paints. Besides, the paints flow nicely and easily washable from brushes.

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