Everton Road- Ink & Wash with Shinhan Watercolors

Everton Road - Ink & Wash with Shinhan watercolors Everton Road - This is where I grew up, and I am glad to see this row of shop houses still intact and not demolished or becoming offices or pubs. The walls were repainted several times but that was all. I am happy to see that these shophouses remain as residential and not converting to commercial uses. Anyway, I sketched this with a Hero fountain pen on location and added watercolor washes later in my studio. Here's is also a pix of how and where I work. On my palette, I am using Shinhan premium watercolors which is quite a joy to use. The pigments are brilliant and pretty thick so you get lots of saturation and color from a little paint off the tube. They are easy to mix and dissolves very easily even after the paints dried on the palette. The color wheel you see in the background is created with Shinhan watercolors too. Schut Hot pressed watercolor paper 24" X 11"

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