How I began drawing cartoons....

[caption id="attachment_2203" align="alignnone" width="584"] My first cartooning instruction book[/caption]

It all started when the Chinese paper started a student's session titled "The New Generation". My eyes caught sight of a beautifully and uniquely illustration on its front cover under the headlines and I told myself I wanted to draw like that artist too. He is none other than Mr Hou Soon Ming who is now a friend. I was then 11 years old and he was 21, and was already quite an established artist in Singapore. Those were the days when everything was original and creative. During school's holiday I even took a special trip down to see him at his office. I was delighted when he took out all this work in black clear folders so I could see them. I spent about 2 hours looking through all his work. Back home, I copied his work and tried to learn from his techniques. Seeing I was so passionate about drawing cartoons, my dad bought me a book (the one on the left of the picture above) that cost SGD50. At that time it was a lot of money! I was immensely touched by my dad's generosity as we were not very well to do. $50 could feed us all for a month!

Yes that's how I got started to draw cartoons. Very soon I earned back my keep when I started to send my cartoons to the newspaper. For every piece that got published I got $20. At that time I have to travel to the newspaper to collect my payments. Very soon I could afford to buy more tools and materials at a very young age. I was a very happy young cartoonist. At age 13, I was awarded a merit award in a National Cartoon Contest and got $200 as award money. :D

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