Toa Payoh Bus Interchange

Toa Payoh Bus Interchange I

Toa Payoh Bus Interchange II
Waiting for buses in Singapore is a breeze nowadays. I was at Toa Payoh Estate (one of the oldest housing estate in Singapore) the other day with Paul Wang and Zhu Hong to sketch the town. I started at the bus interchange to see if I could get some sketchers of the commuters. I couldn't help but notice that the depot is very organized. There were crowds but there was order and no chaos. I remembered waiting for buses in the past was an unbearable experience due to heat and humidity. Thus I noticed that the entire depot was enclosed and ventilated so commuters could wait without feeling the heat, the dust and exhaust from the buses. Glass doors open and close to every bus line while they were also slightly tinted to prevent the blazing glare from the sun. In addition, the depot was designed to look like its part of a shopping mall. Small shops lined the center of the depot so commuters could eat, drink and shop while they watch out for their buses. I have not taken buses in Singapore for about 5 years but now I am impressed. :D

The sketches were done on Fabriano sketchbook with Hero fountain pen, and painted in Photoshop.

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