Pen Maintenance Day

[caption id="attachment_2146" align="alignnone" width="721"] Rotring Technical Pens and a Fountain Pen[/caption]

Its pen maintenance day. I have some technical pens that I have not used for a long time and I found them lying in a box. Who uses technical pens for sketching? Robert Crumb! He carries his technical pens around with him alongside a large sketchbook. He sketches all the time, in fact he is really obsessive about sketching. I saw him in action in a documentary made about his life while I was at his show in Paris. I was touched by his passion to draw and sketch 24/7, even when he is at his desk. Well I was inspired to try using the technical pens for sketching but before that could happen I needed to clean up all my pens.

For most the ink has dried up in the feeder and needed thorough cleaning. So I soaked all the pen nibs in water mixed with dish detergent (I was desperate) for a couple of days. When the  water turned black, you would know that the ink has dissolved. Then I have to flush the nibs in running water and shook the remnant ink out. Now my pens are ready to go!! Finger crossed. :D

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