Sketching @ Starbucks Vivo City

I have some time to spare in the morning after I dropped Kat at her workplace, so I decided to chill at Starbucks in Vivo City for a drink, and sketch a little, at the same test run the brown papers I bought from Andrew, the great mighty illustrator and comic artist, and also a friend, and church mate. Starbucks cafe became the logical subject to draw. The results, not too bad. I like the tooth of the paper, just nice for the ink to flow smoothly and for my fountain pen to glide nicely on the surface. It works quite well for watercolor washes too. The brown of the paper also enhances the brown of the ink I am using currently. I got the brown by mixing Noodler's black with Noodler's Singapore Red not in equal proportion.

At the studio, I scanned the sketch then "leveled" it with Photoshop so the brown became white leaving some textures of the brown paper behind to add interest. Something that Andrew has also done for his sketches. I Command B to the leveled sketch and added RED to give it an overall reddish tint.

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