Painting Figure with Watercolor

This is painted on a China-made sketch paper I bought from a friend. Surprisingly it takes in watercolor very well without loosing the quality of transparency, tearing or color fading when the paints dried. I painted the first coat of transparent watercolor with the paper mounted vertically on the easel, so the paint dripped across the paper. Then as I added the shadows and the dark areas, I painted with the paper lying flat and slightly elevated. Throughout the one hour and a half, Peer (the model) sat at the desk playing with this laptop without changing his pose much. I test the paper with different techniques, dry on wet, and wet on wet. The latter did not work too well as the absorbency of the paper is not not comparable to that of the watercolor paper. So when the water or paint puddles dried, they leave a water stain marks like what you see at the back of the painted chair. Overall, its a cheap paper to practice on - SGD7 for the entire ream.

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