An Ah Beng Ninja

Tonight's the night I exercise my Wacom and Stylus... Painter 12 and Intuos 4 with 1024 sensitivity, and iMac 27". The ideal combination for digital painting. You may have to match the proportion of your screen size with your tablet size. I feel that a large tablet would match a screen size of 27". Any smaller your cursor would be moving too fast ahead of you.

As I was doodling this I was thinking if any artist who could accomplish very good brushwork and brush lines. I thought of Paul Pope and his book PulpHope. His inked lines are constantly filled with energy and confidence and boldness. I could feel the lines dance and move on the pages. Anyway I got a few images from his book that I got from the internet:

Impressive right? I was really impressed and still is.

For more of his work we can visit: or Google for Paul Pope. Well if you are reading this and is interested to purchase the book that I have mentioned, you may click on the link provided here.

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