35th Sketchcrawl Day: Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

35th Sketchcrawl Day @ Charles-de-Gaulle-Paris

On 35th Sketchcrawl day I happened to be not in Singapore, but was waiting for my flight back to Singapore at Charles de Gaulle airport after about an eight day stay in Paris. My wife was at a healthcare conference where her research poster was displayed, while I roamed the streets of Paris on my own for about 4 days. This would be my second trip to Paris. The first was about 10 years ago in one hot summer. Visiting Paris this period wasn’t ideal but when the sun was up, Paris was beautiful. I would visit Paris again if I have the chance to do so again. I did managed to sketch some scenes and brought back some supplies too. Sennelier yes! This sketch was done with a Pentel brush pen bought from the shop, simply my kind of tool besides the Hero. :D

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