Paying the bills for dad's funeral

[caption id="attachment_1961" align="alignnone" width="775" caption="Funeral Parlor @ Sin Ming Drive 38"][/caption]

I was back at the funeral parlor to pay up the bill for my dad's funeral and wake. The total bill for all the services and the casket is S$5542. We got a good deal for the casket which costs S$1988. The niche that we are putting up at the Mandai Columbarium cost S$1150. Everything totals up to S$7000 including about S$200 for the refreshments and the rental of the fridge. I sent my car for servicing too, so while waiting, I sat at the coffee shop opposite the funeral parlor to sketch the block just for keepsake. As I sketched I was recalling the week we spent everyday here. It has been almost a month since my dad passed away. The memories of him warded and then breathing his last breath were still quite vivid in my mind. Just 2 nights ago, I had a dream of him standing in front of me smiling. I ran to him and gave him a hug and then cried,"I missed you dad." Just when I was about to cry in the dream, I woke up. I woke up feeling joyful instead of sorrow. It was an uplifting experience. Anyway it was fortunate of us that the hospital bills were completely subsidized by the government's medical benefit. Or else, everything would have cost us S$30,000. Thank God!!

The picture of my dad that was used during the funeral is now hanging in my work room on the wall. I missed him a lot. I missed his smile and his kindness that was always showing on his face and in his eyes. In contrary, I do not have his kind look and eyes. I wish I have. I would always remember him as the kind and loving dad, patience and has never lost his temper for no good reason. Thank you dad for bringing us up and gave us an education, so we could have good life now! You are a great dad!!

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