Visiting dad at the hospital...

[caption id="attachment_1949" align="alignnone" width="865" caption="A Patient in Ward 63"][/caption]

I have been visiting my dad at the hospital everyday since last Sun when I came back from my holiday trip. Yesterday evening he looked much better, especially after we combed his hair and helped him shave. I believe he is getting better and I looked forward to the day he would be discharged. But that would mean another challenge of how to get him back to the regular life routine again. We are definitely getting an extra hand to help him around the house since my parents are staying on their own. And certainly to ease my mom from the house chores and taking care of my dad. There are many things to think about, but I am quite positive about things getting better in the days to come for the Lord is with us.

Anyway here's a sketch of a frail looking elderly man resting on his bed in the hospital ward. When he later called out to the nurse, I realized he is not that frail after all. Sketch done with Hero on brown paper, painted with Photoshop.

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