Kampong Buangkok: Last Surviving Kampong

Kampong Buangkok Watercolor

Going back to Kampong Buangkok brought back lotsa memories. I was there first time last year and was astonished to find the last surviving kampong in Singapore. Noone would imagine that such a place exist at all. It was well hidden among the big trees, while driving there, you would see towering state housings along the way. Who would think urban Singapore could tolerate such a rustic place like this. A friend of mine wanted to paint the kampong too so we set off with our gears just to find that the weather was wet and raining. We weren't detered and settled underneath a shelter while the rain pattered away. I did a few sketches before I decided which composition to paint. I painted to the sound of rain and to the sound of hindi movies playing in the background. The feeling was out of this world. I took about 1.5 hours for this.

I have also been trying to paint without the pen lines. This would be my third or fourth attempt to do just that. While still trying to get use to painting without the lines, I have also been trying to be more experimental with watercolors. For this I was a little nervous at first but got better and loose with the painting as I progressed. The outcome, I am quite satisfied but I could be more bold with the shadows and to be less literal with the details.

Strathmore Watercolor Cold Pressed, 11" X 15"

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