Urban Sketchers @ Raffles Place - Feb 2011

We decided to go somewhere central and the best location was none other than our central business district @ Raffles Place. I did one when I arrived at Raffles Place MRT station. Some others were already sketching furiously. They were early and passionate. Right after I finished sketching the facade of the MRT station entrance, I took videos of others sketching. Here it is:


Afterwhich I walked about 1 km away from where I started to the new Marina Blvd Link. It was a hot morning but it was worth walking there, because for the first time I am able to see the skyline of Singapore from a vantage point where none could venture just about 1-2 years back. I was excited and sketched the skyline under a palm tree.

Singapore Skyline - seen from the all new Marina Blvd Link.

Here's a picture of my sketch against the skyline.
My sketch of Singapore skyline seen from Marina Blvd Link

And the sketch of the MRT station's entrance:
Raffles Place Subway.

And strangely there were many people taking pictures that day!
Sketch of Raffles Place MRT.

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