It's New Year Eve!!

Somehow I have mixed feelings about the new year... I'm gonna miss 2010. Stepping into another new decade of a new millennium feels spacey. I was also wondering how many more decades to come... another decade I would have existed on this earth for half a century. Spacey!

Any way, it all happened when I fell ill and Kat has taken the car to drive herself to work since 2 weeks ago. Just recently she noticed that the brake light has turned on perpetually even though the foot brake was released. I googled to find out the possibility of faulty brakes caused by brake fluid or brake pads being worn off. So I brought the car to the mechanics and lo and behold, he trouble shot to find that there was a leak in the rear brake pumps causing brake fluid to run very low, thus the brake light. It was also time to service the car too. At the same time he also recommended me to change the front tires if I wished to.

While waiting for the car to be done I took some time to sketch the garage.

[caption id="attachment_1546" align="alignnone" width="595" caption="Sketching the mechanic"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1547" align="alignleft" width="322" caption="Oil Sump"][/caption]

But this wasn't the mechanic who did my car. He was cleaning the tools one by one and then putting them back orderly into the tool box. I asked him whether he does this everyday. He said no but only once a year. Since it is gonna be new year soon, he was cleaning the tools for the new year. Wow!! I can trust these mechanics, in fact I can trust any mechanics who would take the time to maintain their tools!!

Actually I wanted to change the brake pads too, but the other mechanic said no need in a very confident manner. I asked, what about the transmission oil. He said no need, still clean, and showed me after taking some out of the transmission box. Well I can trust an honest mechanic like this guy!!

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