Tiong Bahru on brown paper

[caption id="attachment_1306" align="alignnone" width="476" caption="Tiong Bahru on brown paper"][/caption]

That day was a hot day- that's all i remembered. It was so hot I couldn't really think. Nevertheless, we got together to sketch under a shady spot, with canned lime drinks and coke to quench our thirst. We laid out our materials and before we could even get started, we saw what each other brought with them. I saw Paul's brown pastel paper and decided to give it a try with watercolor and ink. It took the ink well but it was pretty hard to paint. The result was not satisfactory, until Paul showed me his crayons and I gave it another try. So I added spots of colors to bring out the texture and woh, it was worth the try.

And the following is the video taken and edited by Kat;


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