Not Fair!

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What’s with all these craze about 3D movies and sorts? To watch a 3D movie, I have to put on my contacts, the soft and disposable types, costing about a dollar per pair, so I could don on the 3D glasses which cost another 2 bucks to purchase. So all in all I am paying much more for 3D for effects that are old school, dated as far back as the heydays of Jaws. Besides you come out of the theatre dazed and not dazzled by the over rated effects of seeing dimensionality on a flat screen. Even with the new technology, you still have to wear something on your nose over your ears and sometimes weigh as heavy as 5 grams (I am just plucking numbers from the air). If this is not old school packaged in a new way?

But anyway we are still far more fortunate that Mr Cyclop over here who couldn’t even enjoy 3D even if he wants to. :D

Just in case you are interested, here's a 3D version or anaglyph of Mr Cyclop, only you have a pair of 3D glasses. I have so I made myself happy!

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