Sunday -- A Day of Rest

Rest means going to church to hear what God has to say to me. Today Pastor told us what God has told him: "Restful Increase, the year of restful increase." All we need to do to receive this increase is to labor unto God's rest. This is good but what is better is that our pastor continued to tell us, rest is not inactivity, but directed activity. Having rest while you work is directed activity. Having peace when you said no to something while all circumstances tell you to say yes. So church was good. We had lunch with a few of our friends and then headed for shopping. Bought a crockpot for my parents, a transformer for ourselves and gifts for friends. Then we decided to chill out in another shopping mall where there was little crowd. My friend was right the first time; Singapore is getting more and more congested. You know, there are so many food centres you thought the crowd would be better distributed. No! These eat outs attracted those who usually eat home. Man it was so difficult to even walk straight without bumping to each other. Furthermore, this angry mob never give way to anyone, so I am playing football all the time. Tackle!! Anyway I drew this while having coffee and some snacks. A table full of coffeeshop-talk uncles who were relentless about government and policies!! Interesting bunch!!

[caption id="attachment_977" align="alignnone" width="510" caption="Coffeeshop sketch"][/caption]

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