Portfolio selling on Amazon

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A year ago, I created a personal portfolio book (that landed me with some gigs, interviews and an internship with Disney) with Lulu.com just because it was way much cheaper printing there as compared to going to Fedex Kinkos which is now know as Fedex Office. Anyway, a year later due to business expansion, Lulu got connected with Amazon and lo and behold, one day Lulu sent an email to me saying that my portfolio book is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

I was excited to see this happen because it meant that there is a lot more opportunity to get me published independently. There was a time I was actually lamenting about lack of publishers and facilities to do that but now, with online shopping, free blogging, Youtube, Vimeo, on-demand printing services which are getting cheaper and cheaper, it is getting easier to do just that.

Anyway if you are really interested to get a copy of my portfolio, that will be great. Simply click the link here: Don's Portfolio at Amazon.com. It is not expensive and I promise you there is nothing in there but great art. Buying one will inevitably contribute to my deflated ego (for not getting a job at Disney :(yes, sad smiley), and also all of the proceeds will go to funding my animated film (about a crazy scientist looking for the perfect formula) and my comic book which should be due by next comic con (I've to find a time to start drawing something first). Yes I am gonna be a self-publisher and nothing gonna stop me from now on, not even my self negating demeanor. :P

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