An Illustrated Life

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An Illustrated Life - Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers.
After several weeks of anticipation, the book finally arrived at my doorstep, literally as the UPS guy (who has the look of an ideal American man from the 50s) "threw" the book and left without waiting for us to open the door to receive the package. Anyway, I was very much delighted to see the book since I was facing a little dry spell myself for the last couple of days. The book is going to be an inspiration.

Here's an Amazon review:

Amazon Best of the Month, December 2008: Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life is a visual delight of color and texture--a funky and frenetic "book about books people have made," perfect for chronic doodlers, journalers, and art lovers. Sharing vibrant excerpts from the notebooks of 50 illustrators, artists, and designers, each accompanied by an introduction by the artist, it's a gorgeous, intimate exploration of the creative process. Gregory's passion for the "illustrated journal" is infectious--for him, artist's sketchbooks represent a nonthreatening place to record "risks, mistakes, regrets, thoughts, lessons, and dreams." Whether you are charmed by the illustrations of Amanda Kavanagh, or intimidated by the musings of Stefan Sagmeister, poring over this eclectic group of fledgling and famous "artists" will inspire you to tackle an illustrated journal of your own. --Daphne

Like what the author wrote in his introduction, I've been looking for such book for a long long while. Unlike Danny, I waited passively for a long long while. Danny went ahead to reach out to many artists to publish such a book in order to reach out to more artists and artists alike. His act of pro activeness has benefited many, including myself.

At first I was reluctant to buy it. I was half expecting myself to treat the book like another technique book. There are already many technique books out there so why get another. Eventually I saw it as a collection of lives scribbled, sketched, doodled and even scratched. Our less than perfect lives in this present world are reflected by the less than perfect lines used in the sketches. What a way to see it. Many artists went all their way to perfect their lines, but many chose to present their art and their lives as they are, no decoration, nothing to hide the truth.

So I bought the book and I'm reading it right now. :)

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