Just another way to prettify my cube...

I have nothing on my cube walls even after working for more than 4 months... first I was not too keen on "decorating" my cube and making it the centre of attention... unlike some people.... secondly I wasn't sure how long I'm staying in that work... even though now I know that I am going to stay for a year. Nevertheless, I caught sight of a blog that gives out templates for paper toys that it designed and published, and decide to make a Obama paper doll since US is into the heat of election and voting very soon. Caught in the addiction of making more paper dolls after making Obama, I downloaded another and completed, Zombie Freud!!


[caption id="attachment_175" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Support Obama"]Support Obama[/caption]

In addtion, I would like to introduce to you my 2 bosses.... one of which you will find very familiar, and the other, if you are in LA for a long time, then you might recognize him. He was none other than the famous creator of ointment.com. Plesant surprise!

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