SAI Painting Tool

[caption id="attachment_49" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="SAI Interface"]SAI Interface[/caption]

After watching a video tutorial of a Japanese artist who used SAI Painting tool as an inking tool, I decided to dwonload a trial version to try it out. On opening the program, I was amazed by how the tools were laid out in a simple and clear manner, while the tools are easily found. The application looks like a morph between Photoshop and Painter - you will understand why. However, the entire package is down sized to tools for drawing and painting only.

For me who is quite a veteran user of Photoshop and Painter, I find SAI even more simple to use, with its amazing anti-lias quality, I could draw an ink line without much effort. Here's a screen grab! I am surprised by how the sensitivity of the brushes. There is LAYER capability with Photoshop's blending mode too. Wonderful tool that is worth a try.

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