Sketching on a bus - a bumpy ride makes a good line

There is, from our estate, one bus that goes to town and we all take it if we are not taking the train. The bus stop is just right outside our door step and it doesn’t take much effort to get there, even if it rains. With this bus, downtown is just about 30mins away unless it’s rush hours. Getting to the train station requires me to take another train at the same bus stop but the journey is about 5-8mins. Walking to the train station would take me 20mins. If the weather is hot, the walk would feel like 120mins. As compared to a 5-min bus ride under 20degC, I would rather spend 77 cents to enjoy a short travel in an air-conditioned box.

Signo Gel Pen

Signo Gel Pen
Taking the night bus back home - at one point when the bus was quite empty, I felt like I was in a Edward Hopper painting.

The buses use to have back facing seats that I love, because I could then see everyone in the bus. In that way it makes it easier to sketch everyone on the bus too.

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