Random Sketches here and there...

These are some random sketches I did through the last weeks when I was managing my new teaching schedules and coping with my dad's recent admission to the hospital to test for cancer at his pancreas. It was trying at first but soon enough the Lord's grace was sufficient to bring me from one event to another, while I was very thankful for a supporting wife who has stood by me and helped me so I don't feel alone in managing these events.
Another boat moored at the jetty

Sketches of boats moored at the jetty seen from a the restaurant we had our lunch of dim sum. This was also the day when my dad was supposed to be admitted for CT scan to check out a possible growth on his pancreas after a blood test that showed signs of abnormality. He looked a little concern but he was still walking about. We brought him to this restaurant as it serves very good dim sum.
Boat moored at the jetty

Dinner @ TCC - A Club Sandwich

Random sketches of shoppers

Random sketch of shoppers in a shopping mall

Sketch of Kat in the salon

My dad resting after his procedure
My dad resting after his procedure to put a stent through the bile duct to open up the obstruction caused by the growth. Yesterday was the day we needed to talk to the Oncologist at the National Cancer Center. We waited 2 hours to see the doctor, later realized that the long wait was due to some uncertainty and dispute between them on the biopsy test result, which show no sign of cancer cell. I remembered having Holy Communion with dad in the morning the day he has to go for biopsy. Praise the Lord! However the doc did not want to rule out the possibility of the growth being cancerous despite the test result, according to his experience. Since we opted out chemotherapy, the doc said it is not necessary to perform further biopsy to determine the nature of the growth. So he said dad should go about doing his usual activities but come back for another CT scan to see whether how the growth is growing. I believe he has been healed and by faith I am declaring that healing does not come from medicine but from the Lord.

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