A Design Process Revealed

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The design process is always a mystery to many designers, artists and so forth, even including enthusiasts from the non-artist category.  Basically the design process precludes Research and Discovery. Then according to Stopdesign.com, this would be followed by:

Competitive Analysis:
... this process involves looking at pre-existing ideas and executions created by peers, mentors, heros, and/or competitors. Competitive analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of those existing designs. It can reveal gaps which still need to be filled and shortcomings which should be met. The ability to study what others have designed for the same (or similar) problem lends a sizeable advantage, since a great deal can be learned from their successes and failures.

You can read all about the design process here - http://stopdesign.com/archive/2003/06/02/design-process.html
Or go to a page that I have created from extracting the content on the above blog page, by clicking the link below.

Design Process.

Personally I feel that the design process is one that is both fluid and dynamic, but it must not totally subjected to emotions and feelings too, thus it may follow a strictly systematic approach, one that is very methodological and looks uncreative on first glance.  The design process is a logical process as well. Both research and execution forms the basic structure that ensures creativity and innovation. :P

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